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The MM Foramen Free bridle was developed by the Dutch horse dentist Marcel Michielsen.
The bridle, and in particular the construction of the noseband, contributes to less wear and tear on the molars in the lower and upper jaw.

The specially developed noseband of the Foramen Free bridle has two anatomical recesses at the bottom where the padding has been omitted to create space for an unimpeded free functioning and passage of the nerves and blood vessels that leave the infraorbital foramen at that location.

Due to these anatomical recesses, the noseband can be subsequently secured, whereby the bit in front of the molars remains on the layers, where it should be, and nerves and veins can supply the nose area with feeling and blood free. This prevents wear on the molars and benefits the well-being of the horse and the safety of the rider. When the bit ends up between the horse's molars due to a loose noseband, the rider loses control of the horse.

The Foramen Free bridle is approved by the KNHS. The noseband was labeled Very Horse friendly by the FEI and approved to be used at all FEI events.

The headpiece is also special, anatomically shaped and softly padded. Equipped with a hanging browband. This contributes to reduced pressure on the horse's ears. Concealed closures on cheek pieces and reins.
The bridle comes with web reins included.

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